04 Jan 2016

Your 2016 salary packaging resolutions

Your 2016 salary packaging resolutions

Resolutions 2016

Welcome to 2016 – a new year – a new you!

We’re all full of good intentions for the year, whether it’s to eat healthier or improve our financial situation. Here’s a look at how salary packaging can help with your new year’s resolutions:

1. Eat healthier

If you have a meal entertainment card why not try out a healthy restaurant? Here’s a look at the healthiest cafes and restaurants in Australia. Don’t forget – the new meal entertainment cap comes into play on 1 April 2016 so make the most of it between now and March!

2. Improve finances

Salary packaging is all about making your salary go further, so whether you choose to salary package extra super contributions, the cost of your rent or mortgage or a new laptop or tablet, you have plenty of options to make a change to your financial situation.

3. Get fit

It’s time to work off those Christmas calories! Your employer may allow you to pay for your gym membership with your pre-tax salary – no excuses! Take a look at our website to see if gym membership is something you can package.

4. Upgrade your car

If you’re thinking of upgrading your car this year, take a look at the benefits of a novated lease. With no deposit, pre-tax payments and no GST, it could be an ideal way to buy your 2016 vehicle!

5. Learn something new

Why not pick up a new skill this year? If you take a work-related course your employer may let you salary package the fees! Take a look at our website to see if self-education is something you can package.

All salary packaging benefits are employer specific, visit our website to see what you’re entitled to: www.smartsalary.com.au

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