05 Apr 2013

Guest blogger: Scott Plunkett, Smartsalary IT Manager

Err, so what does BYOD stand for?

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is a policy whereby employees can use their own phones, tablets, laptops and so on to do their job, rather than using company supplied equipment.

Depending on what role you have in the organisation, you’re probably thinking this is either a fantastic idea or pure insanity!

Regardless of where you stand, organisations across Australia have been increasingly asking whether it’s a policy worth implementing – and the debate isn’t letting up any time soon.

At Smartsalary we say a resounding YES – BYOD is the way forward!

The nitty gritty

By year’s end, 1.2 billion new iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows 8 and BlackBerry devices will be purchased globally (Gartner).

The “No thanks” camp (no BYOD) shivers at the thought of the complications BYOD introduces. Chief amongst them are:

– Data security
– OH&S issues
– Compliance issues
– Device ownership
– Network bandwidth

On the flip side, the “Why didn’t we think of this sooner!” camp can only see the benefits:

– Employees are using devices they’re comfortable with and are therefore highly productive,
– Employees can connect their devices anywhere, anytime
– It enables more flexible work practises and helps employees achieve greater work/life balance,
– It reduces IT expenditure because companies don’t have to buy hardware

Within 6 months of Smartsalary enabling BYOD so that team members could connect their own devices, the take-up rate was unprecedented – we had an average of 1 device for every employee connected daily, with numbers continuing to grow.

For me, the time for debate is finished!

If companies wish to retain their top performing employees, they will only do so by adopting an innovative user-centric approach to what devices people can use to perform at their best. All the arguments against BYOD have clear and simple solutions through either technology or company policies.

Don’t wait any longer – invest in BYOD and reap the rewards.



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