Harry Banga, Chief Procurement Officer at the University of Sydney, truly believes in the power of collaboration and the opportunities which result from working with service providers to establish relationships which ensure the best possible outcomes for the University. Smartfleet is one such service provider who has been providing fleet management services to the University since 2006.

Using this approach between the University, Smartsalary and Smartfleet, has been a key enabler in the positive value being created for University staff.

Harry Banga and SmartGroup management have a great working relationship that has enabled growth of the partnership to a new level.  This includes user friendly technological advances such as the Smartphone App for novated leasing and benefits through salary packaging, and  his team’s work with Smartsalary’s internal processes to identify substantial savings in the cost base in the company. “This goes way beyond the service provider and principal relationship”, says Harry.

“Innovative culture and a customer centric approach are the key aspects of Smartfleet’s relationship with the University providing a platform on which to build more products and services that are a great value add”, says Harry. Just as one example, the pool vehicle booking system, as part of the Smartfleet system, greatly increased the utilisation levels of our fleet by a big margin.

Click through the video below for a face to face interview with Harry on how Smartfleet and Smartsalary have made a difference to the University.


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