30 Sep 2014

The Smartsalary team goes green!

The Smartsalary team goes green!


For the past 6 years we’ve been working with not-for-profit organisation Greenfleet to help offset carbon emissions produced by cars leased through SmartleasingThe guys at Greenfleet plant thousands of native trees each year, in fact they have planted over 8 million trees all over Australia since they started up in 1997, and since our partnership began, Smartsalary customers have re-vegetated an area 6 times the size of Melbourne CBD! A big thank you to everyone involved in the program!

We were delighted to be invited to two of their tree planting days this year, one at Kinglake National Park, Melbourne and one at Wanda Beach in Cronulla. 14 people from our Sydney office joined Greenfleet and the Sutherland Shire Bushcare team at Wanda Beach last week, where we planted 850 native seedlings! Here’s a few photos and a short video of everyone in action:

Greenfleet Tree Planting Day


The Greenfleet team regularly monitor the growth and survival of trees and make sure the sites are maintained, we’re really looking forward to seeing our trees grow over the next few years!


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