16 Sep 2015

Salary package the new iPhone 6s

Salary package the new iPhone 6s


Details of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been released this week. Whenever Apple release their latest models we’re eager to see what’s changed, and according to them “The only thing that’s changed is everything”‘!

After much speculation we learnt that the latest addition to the iPhone line up now features 3D Touch, a more advanced camera, faster processing times, faster Wi-Fi and it’s now available in a rose gold finish!

You can see the full phone specs on the Apple website.

The new models will be available to buy in Australia from 25 September, with prices starting at $1,079 for the 16GB iPhone 6s.

Save up to 45% off the cost

If you use your phone primarily for work purposes (51% of the time) you can salary package the cost of the handset and save up to 45%.

You just need to:

– Get approval from your manager

– Purchase the handset

– Complete the Portable Electronic Devices salary packaging form (downloadable from our website)

We’ll then reimburse you from your pre-tax salary and you’ll receive 30-45% of the handset cost back in your pay depending on your income tax bracket.

This benefit is dependent on your employer, please log in to your Smartsalary account to see if you can package a mobile phone: https://www.smartsalary.com.au

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