26 Aug 2013

The Australian Bureau of Statistics published stats this month showing that overseas trips for Australian residents are at an all-time high. In 2012-13, 8.4 million Australians took a trip abroad, almost three times as many as 2002-2003.

Whether we’re getting more adventurous or just fed up with rainy summers, we’re making the most of our holiday time, with 58% of overseas journeys being holidays. (Visiting friends and family and business travel make up the other 42%)

Here’s the top 5 destinations we visited in 2012-13:

Overseas top destinations 2012-2013









With the rising cost of fuel, airfares can be pretty pricey so saving money on other aspects of your holiday can help. If you work in the not-for-profit sector or a public hospital you may be able to salary package your holiday accommodation – both at home and overseas. Holiday accommodation includes hotel rooms, apartments and even cabins on cruise ships so whatever your preference, you may be able to start saving money!

These benefits are employer specific, you can login to your Smartsalary account and click ‘What Can I Package?’ to see if you’re legible: http://www.smartsalary.com.au

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