05 May 2014

Submitting claims, made easy

Submitting claims, made easy


Mobile Claims

Good news for our novated lease customers – the Smartsalary app just made it even easier for you to submit your claims! No need for paper forms and sending in receipts – now you can do it all through your phone.


– Complete the expense details in the app

– Take a photo of your receipts with your phone camera

– Submit your claim

– Track the progress of your claim

This function is currently available in the iPhone app, the android version is in development and is planned to be released within the next month.

What can be claimed?

You can submit multiple claims –  for your rego, green slip, maintenance, tyres, service, NRMA membership etc. For a full list of what can be claimed during your lease see our FAQs page.

mobile claims


3 Responses to Submitting claims, made easy

  1. Any word on when the updated Android app will be available? Two months later and it’s apparent that “within the next month” didn’t occur…

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