04 Sep 2014

Make a saving this Father’s Day!

Make a saving this Father’s Day!


Father’s Day is almost upon us this year, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy your favourite man, here’s how your salary packaging can help:

Treat him to dinner

If you have a Smartsalary Meal Entertainment card, take your Dad out for a tax-free dinner this Sunday! So long as you are dining in a restaurant, cafe or pub/club you can salary package the whole expense with your Meal Entertainment card. But remember – you can’t just take Dad out for a few drinks, you must be lining your stomachs too!

Take him to see his favourite team

You can save 10% on tickets to sports matches when you buy tickets through Ticketek or Ticketmaster with our discount scheme Smartdiscounts. So if he’s into footy, golf or monster trucks, give your dad tickets this year and make a saving!

Socks and jocks

Father’s Day socks and undies are tradition, and there are some really fancy ones on the market these days! So if you want to jazz up his sock drawer and you have a Living Expenses Card, you can use your pre-tax dollars to pay for them. We love these feather Happy Socks from David Joneshappy socks

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