14 Feb 2013

iPad vs iPad mini Infographic

iPad vs iPad mini Infographic

Laptops and tablets are among the most popular items our customers choose to salary package, by paying for them out of pre-tax dollars you can save 30-45% off the cost.

Apple iPads are proving extremely popular, especially since the release of the iPad mini at the end of 2012. So which iPad is for you? Take a look at the infographic below, looking at the pros and cons of the iPad mini and iPad with Retina display:

So, if cost is an important factor for you and you want to use your iPad on the go – choose the iPad mini. If you’d prefer to use your iPad at home and want a larger screen and better resolution – go for the iPad with Retina display. With either model you can save money by salary sacrificing, try out our quick quote calculator to find out how much you could save!

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  1. Interested in purchasing an iPad? How do I go about salary sacrificing one?

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