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29 May 2014

The salary packaging world can be a bit confusing, and the technical terms don’t help matters! Here’s a look at some of the jargon you may come across and a brief explanation of what each term means: Salary packaging – also known as salary sacrifice, salary packaging is an Australian Tax Office (ATO) approved way of restructuring your income. It enables you to buy a range of everyday items out of your pre-tax salary rather than your after-tax salary – leaving more money in your back pocket. Threshold or cap – employees of a public health service, medical research institute, aged care Read More

Here’s a video overview of the 2014/15 Federal Budget from our Senior Tax Adviser Simon Ellis:

09 May 2014

. Many of our customers are nurses, doctors, midwives and hospital workers. Here’s a look at their top five salary packaging benefits: 1 -Living Expenses Public hospital workers are able to set aside up to $9,010 of their pre-tax salary each FBT year (1 April-31 March) for items such as rent, mortgage repayments, groceries and utility bills. This is one of the most popular benefits for those working in the not-for-profit sector. 2 -Meal Entertainment Meal Entertainment allows hospital employees to pay for their restaurant meals with pre-tax dollars. Like living expenses, they just need to set aside a nominated Read More

05 May 2014

Submitting claims, made easy

Submitting claims, made easy

. Good news for our novated lease customers – the Smartsalary app just made it even easier for you to submit your claims! No need for paper forms and sending in receipts – now you can do it all through your phone. Simply: – Complete the expense details in the app – Take a photo of your receipts with your phone camera – Submit your claim – Track the progress of your claim This function is currently available in the iPhone app, the android version is in development and is planned to be released within the next month. What can be claimed? You Read More