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26 Aug 2013

  The Australian Bureau of Statistics published stats this month showing that overseas trips for Australian residents are at an all-time high. In 2012-13, 8.4 million Australians took a trip abroad, almost three times as many as 2002-2003. Whether we’re getting more adventurous or just fed up with rainy summers, we’re making the most of our holiday time, with 58% of overseas journeys being holidays. (Visiting friends and family and business travel make up the other 42%) Here’s the top 5 destinations we visited in 2012-13:                 With the rising cost of fuel, airfares can Read More

15 Aug 2013

1913-2013 A Century of Healthcare

1913-2013 A Century of Healthcare

It’s National Science Week across Australia this week and schools, museums and tourist attractions are all taking part in events to celebrate. This year’s theme is ‘A Century of Australian Science’, and as many of our customers work in the Healthcare sector we thought we’d take a look at how the industry has evolved over the past 100 years: Ambulances – from horse-drawn carts to Mercedes-Benz vehicles with the latest life saving technology, our modern day ambulance service has evolved tremendously over 100 years. It’s a good job too, these days, in NSW alone the Ambulance Service respond to a Read More